I went to France with my best friend Taiwanese. During our first day we went to Monaco. When i arrived there I was suprised because the place so beautiful and fantastic. However Monaco was a little bit boring because there are  lived a lot of older people. Even though Monaco was boring, there are so many amazing things in the place! Second day, we went to Nice to watch Carnival festival. Nice was absolutely lovely especially the  beach. I think I will never forget it forever. When we went to Nice, we ate many deliciouse food which made me more merrier! On our third day, we still stay in Nice. We went to an old town and took a rest in the beach. That day was very nice weather that is the reason why we had a great time in Nice. Unfortunately on our  last day I was sick. I

had a  little bit of fever and my stomach was not good because I ate too much sweets. Anyway I had a really good time with my best friend in France



I’d like to write about Mac. I like cosmetics so much which are in a pretty case. That is the reason why I like Mac. Mac’s case is neat and lovely especially twincake’s case but I can not use colour cosmetics because my skin is absolutely sensitiveness so I can use just lipstic, eyeshadow and eyeliner. I have many Mac’s lipstic and eyeshadow. I like eye’s makeup called smoky eyes. Smoky makeup is tantalizing make up for the  eyes.
I also like Mac’s lipstic because it is not too expensive and there are many colours to choose.

Halloween day

Is there a halloween day in your country? There is holloween in Korea but, it is not a big party. From last year, I have been staying in U.K that is the reason why I spent time at halloween day in U.K. We had a big party in my school so I borrowed a halloween costume and my friends too. My concept was queen. We had a great time because I’ve never tried that one before. I think I can not forget that time.


There are lots of relationships. Today, I’d like to write about a male friend to female friend relationship. I mean just for friend.
Do you think they can be just friends? I don’t think so. If they will be closer, one of them will like who.
They think they can be best friends but it is going to be difficult for each other. One time, I underwent the same situation. We, my male friend and I fellen in love because we knew very well with each other.
For example, we knew and liked the same food, liked the same music, liked same clothes,and so on and so forth.
That is the reason why, we came up into  loving each other.
Actually, I have a male friend who is a gay. So, we can be  best friends. I never mind he’s behavior because I know that he can’t love me , he loves just men.
When we embraced, we don’t have a special mind about it
What do you think? Do you agree with me?

Chinese New Year celebration from away home

This Chinese New Year, I am going to cook with my friends for the celebration and this weekend I am going to  London to visit in China town. I think there are many happy things in China town. I am certain that we will have a great dinner in London. However, I might miss the Chinese New Year I  used to have at home with my family. They are going to relative’s house and then they will enjoy having  dinner, bow each others and play many games like ‘Yot nori’

Valentine’s day

February 14th is Valentine’s day. Lots of people confess their love to each othe but not in Korea. Actually,  Korean Valentine’s day is a little bit different from other countries. In Korea, Valentine’s day  is celebrated only to  give some chocolates to boyfriend. However, they can give other gift too. For example, flowers , couple rings, couple shirts and anything else. Anyway, I think if I have a boyfriend I might be happy this Valentines day !

King’s college

This is called ‘King’s college’ . This is located in Cambridge, UK. The very first college school in England. King’s college has a chapel and famous choir, they are called ‘evensong’.
This building is absolutely beautiful. That is why when I saw it, I really want to enter the school and see the fascinating view inside.